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Photo of Evadney Campbell

AUK Radio

Challenges persist in media access for Black people ” – An Interview with Evadney Campbell, MBE

Born in Jamaica and raised in England: The journey of Evadney Campbell Evadney Campbell's life journey from Jamaica to England at the age of 11 was a study in contrasts. Her early memories of a joyful childhood in Jamaica were juxtaposed with the socio-realities that she faced in England. It was during her adulthood that she became aware of race relations, a reality that not only shaped her determination to […]

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Malu Lusadisu, From my mum’s cooking lessons to Ruby’s restaurant in Luton.

Malu is a chef and owner of Ruby’s restaurant named after his daughter. He grew up in London, established himself in Luton for the past 13 years, and made it his town where he thought of running both family and the restaurant. I’ve dedicated a large part of my life to cooking. It’s my passion! Most of the happy memories from my childhood are cooking for my family. I’ve managed several businesses in Luton, including mechanics, but I landed in […]

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