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Challenges persist in media access for Black people ” – An Interview with Evadney Campbell, MBE

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Born in Jamaica and raised in England: The journey of Evadney Campbell

Evadney Campbell’s life journey from Jamaica to England at the age of 11 was a study in contrasts. Her early memories of a joyful childhood in Jamaica were juxtaposed with the socio-realities that she faced in England. It was during her adulthood that she became aware of race relations, a reality that not only shaped her determination to succeed but also fueled her commitment to empowering others.

Photo of Evadney Campbell

With a remarkable career in journalism at BBC, Evadney Campbell had the privilege of exploring the world of academia. “My journey took an interesting turn when I was introduced to the University of Bedfordshire by a former colleague of mine who also was a lecturer at the same institution. At that time, I was already a lecturer at the London College of Communications, a part of UCL…”, she said.

During her time as a BBC journalist, she passionately advocated for greater diversity and inclusion, particularly in academic settings. “I felt the need for inclusion at the University of Bedfordshire, where most home students are from low-income families.”

Photo of Evadney Campbell
Photo of Evadney Campbell

The Influence of Personal Connections and the Pursuit of Opportunities

Evadney Campbell recognises the profound impact of personal connections and influences in accessing opportunities. As an inspirational figure, Evadney advocates for Black people’s representation within the media industry.

I’m getting into a lot of positions and opportunities from the people that I know, which is a real shame for us as Black people and as minority individuals. Unless you know people who have influence or access, opportunities remain limited “, she expresses. “I’m grateful to those who help me during my journey…”, she added.  

The Legacy of the Windrush Generation: A Continuing Struggle

As a descendant of the Windrush generation, Evadney Campbell passionately believes in the importance of understanding the experiences of those who arrived in 1948 to help rebuild the country. She explains, “The struggles of this generation and their descendants are still prevalent, particularly concerning racism and discrimination.” While some aspects of these challenges have evolved, issues related to discrimination persist.

A New Dawn: Hope in the Younger Generation

In the face of persistent challenges, she finds hope in the younger generation. “…with the wealth of available resources currently, aspiring young journalists can make a huge difference, overcome barriers and make their mark in the media industry…”, indicated Evadney.

Photo of Evadney Campbell

Essential Skills for Aspiring Media Professionals

Evadney Campbell’s status as an award-winning media trainer and owner of Shiloh PR underscores her expertise in the field. She imparts valuable insights into the essential skills that aspiring media professionals should develop. She places great emphasis on curiosity and an interest in people, noting that everyone has a unique story worth telling. Furthermore, Campbell underlines the significance of integrity, stating, “I respect people’s stories and believe in the importance of integrity. These are essential qualities that every aspiring journalist should embody.”

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