Malu Lusadisu, From my mum’s cooking lessons to Ruby’s restaurant in Luton.

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Malu is a chef and owner of Ruby’s restaurant named after his daughter. He grew up in London, established himself in Luton for the past 13 years, and made it his town where he thought of running both family and the restaurant.

I’ve dedicated a large part of my life to cooking. It’s my passion! Most of the happy memories from my childhood are cooking for my family.

I’ve managed several businesses in Luton, including mechanics, but I landed in cooking. It’s my passion, my dream… and every day I go home after working a long day and think about the next day.

Rubys is my daughter’s name. The restaurant was opened just when my daughter was about to be born.

That was a challenging time … But, as a family-owned and operated business, we’ve managed to settle. There were loads of times in my youth in London that I was thinking about what to do precisely. But, I’ve found my place in Luton. The vibrant diverse community that represents the town is a key for business.


Here, we serve as well African Caribbean and Polish community and more.

At Ruby’s, we are successfully trying to be inclusive and slowly but surely, we started to gain the trust of the Lutonians.

Written by: AUK RADIO

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