UK Kente Festival 2023: Bringing “Luton-Ghana Connection” into Vibrancy!

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UK Kente Festival 2023: Bringing “Luton-Ghana Connection” into Vibrancy!

The fever of the UK Kente Festival Gala 2023 in Luton transcended geographical boundaries as it brought together local authorities, distinguished Ghanaian royalty, and governmental ministers from Ghana. Councillor Maria Lovell MBE, a former Mayor and CEO of the Ghana Society UK, expressed that the Kente Festival serves as a bridge connecting the rich cultural heritage of Ghana with the diverse communities of Britain.

Among the dignitaries in attendance were Luton Mayor Yaqub Hanif, Deputy Mayor Zanib Raja, and Labour Councilors Amy Nicholls, Charmaine Isles, Babatunde Ajisola, Fatima Begum, Jacqui Burnett, and Tahmina Saleem, collectively embodying the spirit of diversity that dominated the event. 

Rachel Hopkins MP for Luton South also graced the occasion. Former Ghanaian minister Asamoah Boateng projected a future where British authorities would actively participate in the festival in Ghana.

The gala, expertly hosted by the renowned Ghanaian broadcaster KGA, featured captivating performances by Ghanaian musicians, dancers, and artists. The event also facilitated networking opportunities, including an exhibition that added a layer of cultural depth to Kente’s values.

Originating during the 2021 Black History Month celebration in Luton, the Kente Festival has since become an annual fixture, taking place between October 26th and November 26th. 

Its primary objective is to celebrate and promote Ghanaian cultural heritage, tourism, and community cohesion.

The historical significance of Kente fabric, which has been present in West Africa, particularly Ghana, since the 11th century, was underscored during the gala. Popularised by the King of the Ashanti, who selected skilled weavers from nearby towns and villages to travel and showcase their artistry in neighbouring kingdoms, Kente fabric stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Ghanaian craftsmanship.

Written by: AUK RADIO

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