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It’s tough being a Black Female Football Manager, Dionne Manning, Former Luton Town Ladies?

“I have been playing football for 10 years now and I have never received racial abuse on the pitch that I have heard. Now with all the social media hype it’s giving people a platform to air their views and they don’t seem to be getting punished…”, Dionne Manning, former Luton Town FC, and coach of Warden AFC U7, in Luton, which provides a safe environment to enjoy and develop […]

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Alva Wilson, Dressed Luton to The Nines as a Reflection of Black Heritage

“Dressed to the Nines”  by London-born visual artist, designer, maker, photographer, and teacher  Alva Clifford Wilson was celebrated on the 13 of October in Luton, Wardown House, Museum, and Gallery as part of Black History Month’s celebration.  Alva shares how his heritage and Windrush have inspired his career throughout the years.  Elegantly dressed, Alva was proud of his parents' sense of dress in his storytelling.  Living in London in the […]

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Black History Month

Four things we learned from Montell Neufville about Luton Youth

Montell Neufville is a founder of Att10tive and the chair of the Bedfordshire Police Community scrutiny panel that scrutinises Stop and Search and the use of force. This panel is considered to be one of the model scrutiny panels in the UK.  He also chairs a variety of committees and seats on boards including, school governing bodies, council committees, Young enterprise and a New Deal for communities' regeneration board, as […]

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Black History Month

Eddie Harris, First Black Luton Town Professional Player

This year, our celebration shines additional light on #Luton Black achievement in social, sport or community engagements that we followed all year round.  We welcome one of the longest-standing Luton Town Councillors,  Jacqui Bennett, the first black footballer to play for Luton Town FC, Eddie Harris, Montell Neufville, who is championing training for young people and Alva Wilson, the London-born, who is one of  Luton’s best-known milliners. As we move […]

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Black History Month

A Conversation With Jacqui Burnett: An inspirational Leader

A Conversation with Jacqui Burnett: An inspirational Leader As we celebrate the achievements of the inspirational Black British individuals and culture that has shaped the UK, AUK Radio sat down with one of Luton’s influential leaders, Councillor Jacqui Burnett. The Hackney-born mother of four gave us insight into the experiences that have shaped and made her who she is today.  Serving as a councillor for over 10 years made her […]

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